Scenarios on the Future of EU-Turkey Relations

INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan participated in the CETEUS Annual Conference titled “Full steam ahead? Reflections on the Future of the European Union and Developments in EU-Turkey Relations”¬†which took place during 13-14 December 2018 in Berlin and acted as a panelist in the panel “Which way forward? Scenarios for EU-Turkey Relations”. Throughout her speech Turhan emphasized the deadlock in the institutional structure of the relationship between Turkey and the EU and noted that out of the 3 existing models of external differentiated integration between the EU and third countries (ENP, EEA and Strategic Partnership) and the future Brexit model, the prospective model with the UK is likely to suit the future relationship between Turkey and the EU the most. Turhan argued that the EU and key member states are likely to wait until the formation¬†and approval of the final Brexit formula and propose its key components with slight changes to Turkey.