Become an INSITER

INSITER is integrated into the study programme “Master of European and International Affairs (MEIA)” of the Turkish-German University in Istanbul. The degree offers a modern two-year programme in English language on the basis of close cooperation between Turkish and German academia. MEIA comprises up to 15 courses covering inter alia theories of international relations, international economics and European integration history. Neatly integrated into this existing EU-related teaching content, INSITER adds a new focus on EU-Turkey relations.

Scholars interested in the teaching activities of INSITER, in partciular the seminars and study trips, are invited to apply for the Master programme on European and International Affairs of the Turkish-German University. Further information on the programme and the application process can be found here.

Beyond that, research and networking activities such as the INSITER confererence and the roundtable series are open to the wider public and will be announced accordingly. If you wish to receive notification via emails on public INSITER events, please get in touch with INSITER’s project assistant Çigdem Çelik.