Best Student Research Papers of 2017-2018

INSITER is proud to publish the best student research papers written during 2017-2018 for the four lectures/seminars  that are components of the INSITER project. The following papers have been chosen as the best ones to be published given their overall academic quality and the grades the students received for them:

AVU 114, Halil İbrahim Kısacık, “The Role of Internal and External Factors in EU-Turkey Relations: Remapping Turning Points”, read here.

AVU 101, Florian Gontek, “Was the European Parliament election 2014 second-order and how significant is the Spitzenkandidaten Procedure?”, read here.

AVU 107, Sevde Nur Gürakın, “How Does Refugee Crisis Promote Turkey’s Position in the Triangle “Turkey, Germany and the European Union”?”, read here.

AVU 106, Ece Mutlu (book presentation), “Deterrence, the spiral model and intentions of the adversary”, read here.