INSITER Coordinator attended UACES panel “European Union-Turkey Relations in Times of Crisis – Actors, Perceptions and Discourses”

INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan attended the 49th UACES Annual Conference which took place at the University of Lisbon on 1-4 September 2019. Turhan presented a paper titled “The Evolution of EU Studies in Turkey: A Gender Perspective” co-authored by Rahime Süleymanoglu Kürüm at the panel “European Union-Turkey Relations in Times of Crisis – Actors, Perceptions and Discourses”. 


Turkish Narratives of Europe – Presentation at the Coimbra Group International Lecture Series

INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan held a public lecture on Turkish Narratives of Europe as part of the Coimbra Group International Lecture Series “Narratives of Europe – Narratives for Europe” on 25 June 2019 at the University of Cologne. The  lecture series attempts a survey of the different narratives on Europe across EU member states and key third countries, focusing on both differences and common traits, inspired by the hope that an increased awareness of these narratives and expectations increases and improves mutual understanding within the EU. Turhan’s presentation was streamed live and could be watched here.


Best Student Research Papers 2018-2019

INSITER is proud to publish the best student research papers written during 2018-2019 for the four lectures/seminars that are components of the INSITER project. The following papers have been chosen as the best ones to be published given their overall academic quality and the grades the students received for them:

AVU 114, Furkan Durmaz, “EU-Turkey Relations on the axis of Refugee Crisis”, read here.

AVU 101, Asiye Bilge Kırca, “The Role of European Identity in Turkey-European Union Relations”, read here.

AVU 106, Onur Alp, “U.S Foreign Policy: Why U.S Withdrew from Iran nuclear deal
An explaining with foreign policy theories “, read here.

AVU 107, Fatih Hacıbektaşoğlu, “Is European Parliament democratic or non-democratic?”, read here.

New Edited Volume on German-Turkish Relations

INSITER coordinator Ebru Turhan published an edited-volume titled “German-Turkish Relations Revisited: The European Dimension, Domestic and Foreign Politics and Transnational Dynamics” which builds on a multi-angled and accessible approach with refreshing contributions on latest developments in German-Turkish affairs by German and Turkish scholars. Departing from the intermestic and exceptionally interdependent nature of German-Turkish relations, the edited volume revisits the German-Turkish dialogue and examines the potential for future cooperation and conflict between both countries. To this end, the chapters of the volume focus on three dimensions of German-Turkish relations which particularly involve conflictual and cooperative dialogue: the European dimension, domestic and foreign politics and transnational dynamics. For the table of contents and the introductory chapter “German-Turkish Relations – Intermestic, Interdependent, Intricate” please click here.

INSITER Represented at the 2019 EUSA Biennial Conference in Denver

INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan and former INSITER Co-Coordinator and Advisory Board Member Wulf Reiners participated in the panel titled “Varying, Overlapping, and Competing Perceptions of a Unique Partnership: Unravelling the Stories on EU-Turkey Relations” at the 2019 EUSA Biennial Conference in Denver, USA. While Wulf Reiners acted as the discussant of the panel, Ebru Turhan presented a paper titled “Elite Framing of the EU-Turkey Refugee “Deal”: A Comparative Analysis of German and Turkish Policy-Makers’ Expectations from and Understandings of the “Deal” co-authored with Ayca Arkilic from the Victoria University of Wellington, and also served as the Chair of the session. Other presenters of the panel included Meltem Müftüler-Bac (Sabanci University) and Ebru Ece Özbey (University of Cologne).


New Publication on Germany’s Influence in EU Migration Policy and EU-Turkey Affairs

INSITER 2016/17 Academic Co-Coordinator and INSITER Advisory Board Member Wulf Reiners published together with Funda Tekin an article entitled “Taking Refuge in Leadership? Facilitators and Constraints of Germany’s Influence in EU Migration Policy and EU-Turkey Affairs during the Refugee Crisis (2015–2016)” in German Politics, 2019,

Talk on the Impact of Brexit Process on EU-Turkey Relations

On 4 December 2018 INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan acted as a panelist together with Dr Simon Waldman (King’s College London) at a breakfast talk in Berlin titled “Between Brussels and London: The UK’s Turkey Policy after Brexit” organized by Heinrich Boell Foundation. Throughout her speech Turhan addressed the existing partnership models between the EU and third countries outside the accession framework and analyzed the similarities and differences between Turkey and these third countries in terms of their working relationship with the EU. Turhan further talked about the limits and potentials of the applicability of a possible Brexit model to the EU-Turkey dialogue.

Research Stay at the Institute for European Politics

INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan will realize a research stay at the Institute for European Politics (IEP) in Berlin during June-September 2018 with the kind support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Throughout her stay Turhan will serve as a visiting researcher at the IEP where she will intensively focus on the normative consistency of the EU’s enlargement policy towards Turkey and Turkey’s issue-specific external differentiated integrated with the EU, which are research areas closely linked to the INSITER project. In this vein, the research stay at the IEP will positively contribute to the overall progression of the project and the research conducted within the framework of the INSITER while also enabling the dissemination of the existing project outputs within the German academic circles.

Paper Presentation at the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science

INSITER Coordinator Ebru Turhan participated in the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, which was held between 21 and 25 July 2018 in Brisbane, Australia with the theme “Borders and Margins”. At the conference Turhan presented her paper titled “From Accession to Partnership? Normative Questions about the EU’s Enlargement Policy towards Turkey” at the panel “Differentiated Integration in the European Union – Consequences for Relations with Neighbours”.